Wheat stalks – Exquisitely handcrafted Challah tray


The Shabbat dinner is the focal point of Jewish family tradition, and I never fail to get excited every time my family gets together around the Shabbat table. After we say the “Motzi” blessing, we uncover the Challah and give a piece to each family member. The Challah loaf deserves to be treated with respect, so I felt compelled to design this gorgeous Challah tray to honor it. The Challah tray is embossed with the blessing “Shabbat Shalom” and decorated with wheat stalks to symbolize Abundance and Peace.

This exquisitely handcrafted Challah tray makes a beautiful centerpiece for every Shabbat table. The unique creative technique mixes burnt clay impressions, color and glaze with 24k gold ornaments to create a decorative and functional piece of art. This ceramic Challah tray will adorn your Shabbat table for years to come.

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