Passover Seder plate


Everyone looks forward to the Seder feast as one of the most important dates in the Jewish calendar. We lovingly decorate the table with our special dishes and finest silverware in preparation for the sumptuous meal. The Seder table is adorned with ritualistic items that the leader of the Seder will need, including the Seder plate, which contains the ritual’s different foods and plays a pivotal role in the Seder ceremony. This beautiful Seder plate is a unique piece of art and a perfect gift for Passover.

Handmade, colored and glazed with 24k gold ornaments, this round ceramic plate is engraved with the Hebrew names of the core ingredients of the Seder meal: Chazeret – (Romaine Lettuce) Zeroa – the shank bone, a symbol of sacrifice, as offered during Passover when the temple stood in Jerusalem Beitzah – the egg, representing the cycle of life, which brings hope in times of suffering Maror – bitter herbs, a reminder of the bitterness of the slavery our forefathers suffered in Egypt Charoset – a sweet paste, resembling the mortar used in building for Pharoah Karpas – a green vegetable similar to parsley, representing spring and the flourishing of the Israelites in the first years in Egypt The back of the plate is signed.

Diameter 26X26 cm

As each piece is hand-painted and unique, there may be variations in the colors

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