GEFEN – VINE – Handmade ceramic plaque


This beautifully handcrafted “Grapevine ” ceramic plaque is 24k Gold decorated

Geffen (in Hebrew), the cultivated grape vine. This delicate hand made ceramic plaque to hung on the wall represents the Grape vine, one of the seven types of fruits and grains enumerated in the Hebrew Bible as being special products of the land of Israel.
This delicate handmade ceramic plaque can be hanged on the wall or placed on a wooden stand to give a colorful touch to any home. It is a unique piece of art and a special gift for any occasion.

This beautiful wall plaque is one of a kind, mixing burnt clay impressions, colors and glaze with 24k gold ornaments into an original design.
On the back of each plaque is a signed label with the serial number of the plaque and explanation about the motif.

As each piece is hand-painted and unique, there may be variations in the colors

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