Handmade ceramic art – SHEMA ISRAEL


This beautiful gift set holding the message of Jewish tradition in a contemporary design comprises a decorative ceramic plaque and a matching Mezuzah case. The unique technique mixes burnt clay impressions, color and glaze, with 24k gold ornaments to create a unique piece of art. This moving set combines the ‘Sunrise’ Mezuzah case and the ‘Shema’ plaque. The plaque is embossed with the first words of the ‘Shema Israel’ prayer: ‘Hear Israel the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is one’. The Mezuzah depicts the view of the old city of Jerusalem, which is home for the Temple Mount with its Western Wall. The Hebrew letter ‘shin’ represents the name of G-d. The ‘Sunrise’ Mezuzah case is to carry the scroll upon which the Hebrew words of the ‘Shema’ are handwritten by a scribe.

The mezuzah has two sticky-back labels, making it easy to affix. Robust, can stand extreme outdoor conditions. Mezuzah case size: 1.7 x 3.5 x 19cm – for scrolls of up to 12cm. This plaque Size is 12x17cm / 4.72X7.5 inch. Included is a wooden stand, and the possibility of hanging.

As each piece is hand-painted and unique, there may be variations in the colors

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