Studio Art In Clay By Amir Rom

Studio "Art in Clay" was founded in 2008 by Amir Rom and his wife Laurence. Both are graduates "Bezalel" in Jerusalem Academy for arts and design.

In our studio we create original designs, hand painted of:

Ceramic Plaque

Ceramic Mezuzah

Ceramic Jewelry

Shabbat Candlestick Holders

Ceramic Tile

The ceramic pieces are handmade - created, painted and glazed from natural organic materials. All pieces are glazed and some pieces are decorated with 24K gold ornaments.

Each piece is one of a kind, and some are part of a limited edition design. Some pieces are made of Israeli soil (Holy Land clay). 

Most of the designs are inspired by ancient archeological finds in the holy land with a modern and original touch. Our ceramic works carry the spirit of Jerusalem, and the bible. 

Handmade in Israel.

The firing of the clay is done by kilns that produce temperatures greater 

than 1100 °C / 2100 °F.

We can make custom products and Special Orders  like ceramic Plaques, mezuzah, Handmade Jewelry, Signs for home entrance and more.

This film shows the work process of creating a plaque: