Blessing Little Plaque 3.5*3.5cm  - 1.37*1.37 inch

Small plaques symbolizing a blessing in Hebrew or symbols of love and abundance.
The plaque sold in 10 units pear pack

First Pack -  in a plastic bag Each plaque comes packaged in plastic packaging.
Second Type  - The plaque come in a cloth bag without plastic packging.

The plaques can also be used as a gift for Jewish events such as bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, Jewish wedding and more.

The type of the plaque

Eshet chail –  אשת חיל
Blessed is the place – יבורך זה המקום
To one hundred and twenty – עד 120
Good news – בשורות טובות
Grandma and Grandpa with love – לסבתא וסבא באהבה
Feel well – רפואה שלמה
Pomegranate –  The Rimon (Pomegranate) represents abundance, prosperity and fertility. The pomegranate is one of the Seven Species.
Hamsa - meaning five represents a hand and its five fingers. 
The Hamsa is a popular symbol in the Middle East, and is believed to protect against the Evil Eye. 

Love blue
Love Green