Hamsa Home Blessing Plaque
HAMSA Handmade Wall Hanging Plaque

Hamsa Handmade Ceramic Plaque

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HAMSA - Hand Made Wall Hanging Plaque -  24k gold ornaments

Hamsa (meaning five) represents a hand and its five fingers. The Hamsa is believed to protect against the Evil Eye. This design is decorated with a fish, a symbol for prosperity and good luck.

The unique technique mixes burnt clay impressions, color and glaze,with 24k gold ornaments create a unique and beautiful piece.
The wall plaque is original, hand made, one of a kind.
We put a lot of care and love into our art and hope that you will get pleasure from our work.

This plaque Size 12x17cm / 4.72X6.62 inch

Including wooden foot, and the possibility of suspension.
A cardboard box with the original confirmation and explanation of the artist

HAMSA Handmade Wall Hanging Plaque
Hamsa Box