Mezuzah Cases

Mezuzah Cases

The mitzvah of mezuzah is observed in Jewish homes. While the most important part is the scroll, the case serves a protective and aesthetic purpose as well. You must ensure that the material used in the case has protective capabilities, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune for that assurance.

Some cases are very artistic in nature, and they tend to have a premium look and feel because of things like gems and other precious stones. Other cases are cheap containers with no attention to design or detail apparent. Remember that the mezuzah case is something that is to be seen, so you should at least ensure that it’s pleasing to look at. Of course, this is all subjective, and it heavily depends on your visual preferences and what you can afford. See our handmade mezuzah cases

How to Select Your Case?

The first point to note is that your case purchases should never be made from untrustworthy sources. A mezuzah case is a part of your way of honoring a commandment from G-d, and He deserves the best you have to offer. What if you were to take the cheap and unreliable route just to end up with an empty case? There’s nothing wrong with getting a cost-effective case if that’s what you can afford, but it is important to verify the source before you complete your purchase. Remember that there are specific details surrounding what makes a mezuzah kosher, and there’s no point in having one if those requirements aren’t met.

Where to Put the Case?

Mezuzah cases are to be placed around your home. The mitzvah states that each room is supposed to have its own mezuzah. However, the most important place for it to be is at the main building entrance. Restrooms are the only ones that don’t require a mezuzah.

Mezuzah Case Materials?

There is a variety of materials that a mezuzah case can be made of; however, wood and ceramic are the most popular. Other possible materials are pewter, stone, silver, polymer day, and various precious metals. Many mezuzah cases are decorated and have inscriptions, which are like those on the scroll within. The external inscriptions are typically done artistically.

Making Your Choice?

Remember that the Torah commands the beautification of the mitzvot; therefore, you should opt for a case that is aesthetically pleasing. There are many case choices, so remember that you don’t have to go for a traditional rectangular shape or a regular design. See our best seller mezuzah case by "studio art in clay" in israel


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