Hamsa Hand Meaning

Hamsa Hand Meaning

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning of the hamsa hand? The hamsa hand is an amulet that symbolizes the Hand of God. It is seen as a type of protection, and it brings the owner good health, luck, fortune, and happiness.

The hamsa can be worn or displayed with the fingers pointed down or up, and thanks to a trend into mystical Judaism, the hamsa hand has become quite popular and found in jewelry, like this beautiful clay, silver, and gold handmade pendant or a hamsa plaque, like this gorgeous handmade one with 24k gold accents.  The jewelry and plaques make amazing gifts, and are perfect for any Jewish household.

The Hamsa Prayer

Now that you know about the hamsa hand meaning, you might be interested in learning more about the hamsa prayer. It is:

“Let no sadness come to this heart, let no trouble come to these arms, let no conflict come to these eyes, let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.”

The Origin of the Hamsa Hand

The hamsa hand has been an important symbol in both Judaism and Islam for hundreds of years. However, there is archaeological evidence that indicates the hamsa we even created before these religions came to be. The actual origin is usually associated with the Phoenicians, who believed that it was a symbol of protection for one of the civilization’s goddesses.

 Symbolism of the Hamsa Hand

There is also a lot of symbolism associated with the hamsa hand. The word “hamsa” means “five,” and there are five digits that you can see on the hand. In the Jewish tradition, the number five, or “hamesh,” in Hebrew, is very symbolic. It represents the five books of the Torah. Additionally, it is “Heh,” the fifth level of the Hebrew alphabet.

Those of the Jewish faith also see the hamsa hand as the Hand of God, and many also believe that the hand represents the Hand of Miriam, who was the sister of Moses and Aaron. On top of that, many Jews believe that the five fingers are a reminder to use all of the five senses to praise God. Many hamsa hands, including plaques, feature the eye symbol, too. This is seen as protection against the evil eye, as can be seen in this stunning clay plaque for the home or office. In fact, it is a common gift, and it is a perfect option for those looking for something to give to their Jewish friends or family.

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